Must Have Classes for Underclassmen

Must Have Classes for Underclassmen

Leah Bashor , Reporter

Spring is just around the corner and scheduling classes for the 2021-22 school year will be coming up. Are you curious what classes are best for your career path or what classes would be fun to take? The upperclassmen know it all when it comes to classes and scheduling.

Senior Joey Wilborn likes having a hands-on experience with his classes. “My favorite elective classes would be ag power and intro to construction. They were super fun classes to take and had the most interesting hands-on experiences,” said Wilborn.

Senior Khushi Patel is into business and likes any of the business classes. “Not only are Mr. Joris and Hudspeth amazing teachers, but the content you learn helps in so many ways. These classes allow you to be creative while learning stuff that can help you in real life,” said Patel.

Senior Colten Bogan is an athlete and loves to stay in shape. “Advanced weights was by far my favorite elective, it helps keep me in shape as an athlete,” said Bogan.

Senior Natalie Dafoe prefers to take elective classes that can help her in the future or that she can use now. “My favorite electives were, intro to culinary, principles of marketing, business law and ethics, and ethnic studies. The classes were a lot of fun and taught me things that I regularly use now,” said Dafoe

Senior Tucker Ransom loves a class where he can express himself and who he is. “My choir classes and my theatre arts class are my favorite. Music is my form of self-expression,” said Ransom.

Although electives are fun classes to take, core classes are needed and fun as well.

Wilborn enjoys learning things that may be useful. “I found environmental science and U.S. history to be my favorite core classes. These classes were interesting and super fun,” said Wilborn.

Patel loves a class whose teacher creates an amazing environment for the classes. “AP Lit is definitely my favorite core class, although it’s a hard class it’s definitely worth it,” said Patel.

Bogan also prefers a class whose teacher creates a positive environment for the classes. “I loved U.S. history because of my teachers, Mr. Smock and Mr. Debard. They create a very positive work environment,” said Bogan.”

Dafoe prefers a class that will prepare her for college. “I recommend IU English and AP Literature. Both classes have progressed my writing and make me feel ready for next year,” said Dafoe.

Ransom also recommends AP Literature. “We learned a lot of interesting and exciting material and we did a lot of moving activities while also preparing for the AP exam,” said Ransom.

Below is a link to the 2021-22 scheduling information which also includes course selection sheets for each grade.