Celebrating Our Mid-Year Graduates


Hallie Montgomery, Editor

The first week of January 2021, we had twenty-four students graduate mid-year. These students put in the hard work of finishing early so they could enjoy time off, figure out college, and so they could get a head start at their future career.


Here is the list of senior mid-year graduates:

Belford, Kavin Austin

Blankenship, Hunter Atley

Boggess, Caden

Cole, Calista

Day, Destiny Nichole

Donner, Melia Marie

Frost, Aisling Grace

Garner, Alexa Michelle

Gatewood, Dawson

Glauber, Emily Anne

Greene, Jack Tanner

Hale, Kyndsey Marie

Kelley, Jerrick Nicholas Chris

Lewis, Parker Mason

Mayner, Katelyn Christine

Place, Gage Ray

Rafter, Kaylie L

Sedam, Lukas Paul

Smith, Haley Cheyenne

Stewart, Jamison Sky

Stogsdill, Christopher Allan

Taylor, Allison Renae

Twitty, Kya Lynn

Walton, Jalynn Nicholle

Woodruff, Austin James


COVID has definitely impacted the class of 2021 drastically. It has resulted in missing many senior activities and the experience of in person school. 


“I don’t want to be stuck in school with all of the COVID restrictions and all of our senior privileges are taken away. So, I can just work and make money instead of doing school,” said Caden Boggess.


Aisling Frost had comparable feelings toward graduating early since COVID put such a big impression on her senior year.


“Basically I graduated early because of my circumstances with gymnastics, scholarships, and work opportunities made it difficult to continue the busy schedule I had trying to juggle it all. After all the COVID complications too, it is better for me to be done with school at this time and move forward with college preparations in training and just life all together! But that being said I wanted to assure I could still be a part of all the LHS senior traditions and am doing real graduation with the rest of my class in May so I can finish what I started with all the people I grew up with,” said Aisling Frost.


Many mid-year graduates are eager to get a head start on their future. Several feel the need to get a head start on college and get everything planned out.


“I’m graduating early so I can start on some classes early for college. I want to be a surgical assistant and I’m going through ivy tech to get my degree,” said Emma Glauber.


Alexa Garner has been planning to graduate early since her junior year of high school. She is very devoted to art and wants these extra free time months to prepare for college.


“Even during my junior year, graduating early was something I wanted to do so I could figure myself and things out. Also, I wasn’t doing well in the environment I was in. I am taking some art courses and trying to prepare for college. I just want to take my future seriously since I have these months to prepare,” said Alexa Garner.


Lukas Sedam and Tanner Greene both graduated early so they could work more. Melia Donner made a very impactful decision to complete school early to focus on her mental health since high school was damaging.


“The reason I decided to graduate early had to do with the racism I experienced in school. I didn’t think that the administration handled it in a reasonable way, and the environment I was in was more damaging to my mental health than anything. I thought that going online and graduating early would be the safest thing for me,” said Melia Donner


Kyndsey Hale graduated early to get a head start on her life goal of being a pediatric nurse. Kate Mayner had similar reasons on graduating early because a portion of why she did it was so she could save up for the future.


“I graduated early because I want to be able to spend the rest of my senior year being able to travel when I wanted to. Also, to be able to get a job and start saving up for whatever I decide to do in life. Being online you could get ahead and do work whenever it was convenient for you and that made it where I was able to go to Ohio often and see my nana yet still be able to do my work and get it done. I wasn’t planning on graduating early but I’m glad I did,” said Kate Mayner.