What Do You Want In 2021?

Cami Deakins, Reporter

After the year 2020, which was difficult for the majority of the world, we are all ready for a change. The new year has brought the opportunity to start over and focus on our goals and resolutions.


“I really want to get good grades this year. The shift from all in person to suddenly online was very difficult for me. I miss when we learning in person altogether, it was a simpler time,” said freshman Stevie Gilloti.


Most studies have shown that when we are goal driven, we are more likely to be encouraged to accomplish our goals because the end result is worth it.


“I want to focus on improving my mental health. I wasn’t in the best place last year, I mean most people weren’t, but I really struggled so I think improving my mental health will help me in all other aspects of my life,” said junior Brittney Crum.


The average amount of time for people to ditch their new year’s resolution is about 14 days. To make this year better for you, try to set some goals to let yourself feel accomplished afterward.