The mission of The Pennant is to be an accurate online newspaper which educates readers and adopts the following practices:

  1. The Pennant will honor the Lebanon community and the journalistic profession by placing truth, accuracy, and objectivity first.
  2. The Pennant is a student-run newspaper that maintains a limited open public forum therefore is not subject to involuntary review prior to publication except by its own staff, and is therefore responsible for the newspapers’ content.
  3. It is the policy of The Pennant to correct false information in print as soon as possible after its publication. When necessary the editor-in-chief will be responsible for making public corrections or retractions.
  4. The Pennant accepts letters to the editor. They must not contain profane, libelous, or sexually suggestive material. Letters can be sent to 510 Essex Drive c/o The Pennant staff or given to a staff member and must include author’s first and last name. Letters are subject to editing for grammatical errors and space limitations. Views expressed in letters to the editor and student submissions do not necessarily represent the views of The Pennant staff, Lebanon High School, or the Lebanon Community School Corporation.
  5. The Pennant also accepts paid advertising from businesses which high school aged students are able to legally access and conduct business transactions with.
  6. In case of the loss of a student or faculty member, The Pennant will dedicate space for a photo of, as well as a short story about, the individual.
  7. Photos published in The Pennant will not be altered electronically or mechanically except as necessary in professionally accepted darkroom and cropping procedures.

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