Horticulture Team Places 5th


Lindsey Mount (Senior), Reporter

Horticulture came in fifth at state on October 9th, 2021. Horticulture went to Purdue University to compete against other schools.

Horticulture is a class Lebanon has available to each student to take as an elective class. In horticulture, you study different types of plants and the best environment for each one would be. It is a type of agriculture class that also takes field trips throughout the school year, including going to events that they get to participate in.

They signed up to be a part of the event at Purdue University. As the Lebanon group, Hannah Asbury, Conner Bigler, Aaliyah Carlisle, Mercedes Mohrin, Chase Tucker, Olivia Malerich, and Parker Huntsman, was there, they took tests over identification of plants as well as what the best fit for a plant would be.

To prepare for the event, the class studied Purdue’s website of agriculture. “We went to Purdue’s official website for horticulture to prepare,” said junior Hannah Asbury.

While they were at Purdue, they got the chance to look around on the campus. “My favorite part about being able to go was seeing the campus,” said junior Asbury.

Overall, the event had around fifty schools sign up to compete and Lebanon’s group included seven students that are involved in the horticulture class.

“The event was a little intimidating because it was at Purdue,” said Asbury.