Future College Athletes


Clara McQueen (Senior), Editor

As the fall sports season is ending and the new winter sports season is beginning, things are starting to get very serious for senior athletes who have hopes to continue playing their sport at a college level.

One of the athletes who plans to do this is Hunter Crew. Crew plans on continuing either his football or track career in college.

“Both of these sports mean a lot to me. They have both helped me through tough times and have taught me many valuable life lessons which is why I want to continue to play them,” said senior Hunter Crew.

Although Crew does not have a specific college in mind that he wants to go to yet, he wants to go somewhere that is far from home, but also feels like home at the same time.

Crew has also already received a football offer from North Park University, and he is looking forward to see what this year’s track season can do for him.

Another athlete planning to continue playing sports in college is Drew Terrill. Terrill plans to play football in college, but he is not sure where he wants to play at yet.

“I am going to play football in college because not only do I love it, but it can pay for my college. Football means a lot to me and has been one of my main dedications for the past 12 years,” said senior Drew Terrill.

Terrill has also already received offers to play at colleges such as Western Kentucky University, Jacksonville State University, Indiana State, and more.

Another future college athlete is Michelle Horvat. Horvat plans to continue her tennis career at a college level.

“I want to play tennis in college because it’s a safe haven for me. Tennis brings out good memories and joy to my life. The tennis court is like a second home to me,” said Senior Michelle Horvat.

Horvat has also already received offers from colleges such as Alabama University, University of Kentucky, and University of South Carolina. If she does end up playing in college, she wants to play at Alabama University.

Another athlete wanting to become a college player is Alexis Wines. Wines plans to continue on with her basketball career.

“Basketball is my life, it’s what I always want to be doing,” said senior Alexis Wines.

Wines has already received an offer to play basketball at Hanover college, and even though she would love to go D1, she says that her main goal is to earn a full ride.