Students Share Embarrassing Stories Over the Last Four Years


Emma Bailey (Junior), Reporter

Over the course of four years at Lebanon High School there are many memories made. Some of them are hilarious, stress filled, and embarrassing. These are three current seniors who wanted to share their most embarrassing stories from the last four years.

Starting off with Kylie Kadel, her most embarrassing story takes place at this year’s trike race. “It was the very first round of this year’s trike race and I was in lane five which is right by the stands. I was half way through and I fell off the trike. I’m in Ms. Hill’s homeroom and our trike’s handlebars were messed up so it wasn’t my fault. I didn’t get physically hurt but emotionally I was struggling.”

The next story is from Nick Finney, his most embarrassing story was during weights class his junior year. “I was doing bench press and I was on my last rep. When I went to put the bar back up on the rack, I missed one of the sides. The bar dropped down right onto my face. All my friends and the students in the weights class were asking if I was okay and I just had to play it off by laughing because even I knew it was pretty funny.”

Finally, we have an embarrassing moment from Alexis Wines which took place at Tri-West Highschool. “It was last year during a basketball game I was playing in. I was trying to pass the ball, but I accidently threw it off the front of the rim. It looked like I was trying to shoot it into the hoop but I wasn’t. Sadly, we did not win that game.”

An honorable mention is a story from Andrew Phelps. “I was eating lunch in the cafeteria last year with my friends and all the sudden my best friend pooped his pants at the lunch table. It was so funny seeing him wobble to the bathroom.”