Our Very Own Abbi Coyle


Sofia Argotte (Senior), Reporter

On Saturday, October 30th, senior, Abbi Coyle, went to state for cross country as an individual. She put in the work all four years and made it happen.

“It honestly took lots of mental work and rest for me,” said senior, Abbi Coyle

Her favorite part was having her team and coaches around her. The experience as well is also something she will never forget. Amazing, overwhelmed, and happy are three words she used to describe her experience at state.

“Anything can happen while at state, you just have to make sure you are well prepared,” said senior, Abbi Coyle.

Her biggest supporters have been her coaches, parents, Nadia Jones, her sister, and especially her whole cross-country team. Throughout all of this, Coyle has been suffering an injury, but was able to overcome it and get her best time of 19:15 while running a 5K.

“Getting in my own head was what I was most nervous about and that I wouldn’t be there mentally,” said senior, Abbi Coyle.

Coyle celebrated this special experience in many different ways. She went to Florida and while there, she got a tattoo. She also went out to dinner with her whole family and another dinner with her coaches.

“While in Florida I got a tattoo representing cross country,” said senior, Abbi Coyle.

Coyle plans to run in college, either at Tiffin University or St. Mary’s of the Woods. While there, she hopes to study psychology.

“St. Mary’s just started a cross country team, so they’re really trying to get lots of people to join the team there,” said senior Abbi Coyle.

Even though it is a lot of hard work and dedication, Coyle said she would absolutely do it all again. She’s sad she can’t go again due to it being her senior year.

“It truly was a crazy experience with the best of the best,” said senior, Abbi Coyle.