Students Exploring Theater: Macbeth


Madison Van Howe (Senior), Editor

Recently, three students at LHS took the opportunity of exploring theater outside of school in a production of Macbeth at Agape Theater Company in Indianapolis.

Seniors, Carter Thurnall and Brynn Hensley, have both been in a Shakespeare production before, but Macbeth is a first time for freshman Ozzy Heath. “I expected the language to be a lot more difficult, but it was a lot easier than expected,” said Heath.

Heath had the opportunity of playing multiple roles including Seyton, a soldier, a murderer, and a messenger.

“The most difficult part was knowing when I was supposed to go on stage,” said Heath.

Senior, Carter Thurnall had the opportunity of playing Angus in the production. Since it was his first time working with Agape, things were a bit intimidating at first. “The people at Agape are very passionate and very talented so being around them can be a little intimidating,” said Thurnall.

Although the first few weeks on rehearsals were a little more nerve wracking, Thurnall made great memories with the rest of the cast.

“My best memory is honestly just bonding with the cast more in the dressing rooms and the green rooms.”

Senior, Brynn Hensley had the opportunity to play one of her biggest dream roles, Lady Macbeth. “I enjoyed playing Lady Macbeth because she has so much range,” said Hensley, “She’s so differing and dramatic.”

Hensley was casted back in March 2021, and was called back in person with three other girls that were six years older than her for the part. Throughout the rehearsals Hensley made many memories and bonds she will never forget as well as a better understand for Shakespeare as a whole.

“Immediately, I was so welcomed into the company which was so special,” said Hensley.

Shakespeare is still shown today throughout many theater companies and school productions. “Shakespeare’s messages are so timeless, they can take place during any time in history, and they hold important messages that build skill,” said Hensley.

This show not only improved her knowledge and comfortability of Shakespeare, but also helped her find a better sense of self regarding her passion for acting.

“I’m thankful for this experience because it made me shift from ‘I act for fun’ to ‘I am an actor.’