Fall Athletes: 1st Team All-Conference


Riley Jump (Senior), Editor-in-Chief

Each year LHS hosts the First Team All-Conference Dinner to celebrate some of the top fall athletes. Following dinner and speeches, each athlete is given a plaque to congratulate them on this award. Many student athletes look forward to earning this accomplishment and being invited to the dinner.

Throughout the season, many teams are asked by their coaches to write down goals for the team and personal goals. Being recognized as a 1st– team All-Conference athlete appears to be a goal of many students here at LHS.

“Getting first team all-conference was more of a fun accomplishment than a goal. I was happy that I got it and I’m glad that the opposing coaches thought I played well.” Said senior Drew Terrill.

Each team is given a number of players who can represent their school at the dinner. These numbers are based off of overall conference ranking for each sport. The night serves as a time to celebrate the hard work and bring a fun atmosphere to those who are selected to attend. Many athletes have mentioned how much they enjoy and appreciate this experience all together.

“I really enjoyed the dinner an being able to talk to my friends and see players who I’ve played against this season,” said junior Maiya Newsom.

As LHS is the hosting school of this event, there is a lot of work that goes into planning and executing this dinner. Student athletes from all teams within the Sagamore Conference are invited to attend.

“The Sagamore Conference All- 1st Team Dinner brings together, for one night, what the Sagamore Conference considers to be the top athletes in their sport from each school to honor and celebrate their accomplishments.  These young men and women are voted on by all the schools’ coaches in their specific sport.  The honor of being selected to the 1st team and having the opportunity to attend the diner, be recognized and receive a plaque, is just a small a reward for the student athlete’s dedication, commitment, hard work, display of positive sportsmanship and outstanding accomplishments throughout their season,” said athletic director Mr. Levine.