The Athletic Department Welcomes Ms. Boyer


Riley Jump (Senior), Editor-in-Chief

The teachers and staff members here at LHS play huge roles in the lives of students. Each year, new people take over new positions. This year, the Athletic Department welcomes a new Secretary, Ms. Stacie Boyer who is taking over the previous role of Ms. Asbury.

Before taking the position of Athletic Secretary, Ms. Boyer was worked as a desk receptionist at MyEyeDr in Zionsville dealing with patient coordinating. Aside from her desk job, Boyer also worked as a preschool soccer coach.

LHS was home to Boyer as she graduated with the class of 2012. Loving the environment when she was student, Boyer was excited to be back in her element and see the big changes that have been made within the school.

“I graduated from LHS in 2012 and have been looking for something more stable in an environment I’m familiar with. This job popped up and I took the chance. I’m happy to be back here and see how its changed! I was here when the building was being renovated from 1 story to 2, that was chaos. The old library had about three different subjects in it, which made for entertaining days, “said Boyer.

Working in the Athletic department at the school, Boyer has always had an interest in sports and seeing students participate in the activities they love and are passionate about.

“I’m also looking forward to seeing sports in action. Getting to know the athletes is fun, so that makes it exciting to see them actually playing. Honestly, there’s a lot to look forward too. Prom, sports, school events. I’m excited to be in the action and a part of it all somehow,” said Boyer.

Boyer has loved getting to know the students, staff member, and Mr. Levine. Outside of work, she enjoys visiting with friends and family, as well as spend time doing the activities she loves to do.

“In my free time I play volleyball often! We play at the armory; I actually play with a few people from LHS. Besides that, I play video games, Animal Crossing and Legend of Zelda are my two current favorites. I recently bought a house here in Lebanon so fixing that up and making it “homey” has been fun too,” said Boyer.