Easy Holiday Gift Ideas


Clara McQueen (Senior), Editor

As Christmas is approaching, the stress of affording, getting, and creating gifts is in full swing. Below you can find some easy and cheap gift ideas that will put the Holiday stress at ease.

First up on the list is a DIY sugar scrub. A sugar scrub is a very easy gift to make. You simply take sugar, add your favorite essential oil to it, and then decorate it all nice and cute. This is a type of gift that you can give to your sister, mother, etc, and it’s very coinvent.

Another easy gift could be a Hot Chocolate kit.  All you have to do it make this is add 2 cups of confectioner’s sugar, 1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, 2 cups powdered milk, and of course some mini marshmallows to a mason jar. This gift is very simple and can be given to anyone.

Another easy food related gift could simply just be the gift of baked goods. Things like cookies, banana breads, cake pops, etc, are all easy to make sweets that everyone would love. And if you think baking treats like this is too bland of a gift, try spicing it up by making whatever sweet you choose holiday themed.

The next gift we have is a snow globe. It may sound hard, but making a snow globe can be quite simple. To make this you first need a nice mason jar. Then add some distilled water and some glycerin to help prevent rusting. Then add some cute figurines such as a tree or snowman, and some white tinsel glitter. This will give the effect of snow falling in your snow globe. This gift is very cute, creative and can be given to anyone.

Another gift that would be appreciated by anyone is simply a photo in a frame. Choosing a nice photo of you and someone you love and putting it in a cute picture frame is so simple, but so sweet at the same time. And to make things even sweeter, try writing a cute note to them on the back of the photo, so if they ever try to change the photo out of the frame, they will get a cute surprise note.

Last but not least we have a homemade ornament craft. Everyone who celebrates Christmas has to have a tree, therefore they must need ornaments on it. Buying a plain ornament to decorate is very cheap. And if you don’t want to buy one, you can even make your own by using things such as pinecones, ribbons, popsicle sticks, and even yarn. Making crafts for gifts can be so easy. You just have to be creative with it.