Thanksgiving Traditions

Jacob Susong (Junior), Reporter

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we thought it would be a good idea to look at some different traditions from students here at LHS.  Common Thanksgiving traditions include traveling, eating, and playing football.  Some LHS students gave an insight on their Thanksgiving Day traditions.

“I always go to my grandparents’ house on Thanksgiving.  My grandma makes a ton of food.  She makes mashed potatoes, turkey, noodles, and pecan pie.” Said freshman Joe Susong.  “After we eat, the whole family plays football in the front yard.  It’s so much fun”

Another topic that was brought up was NFL football.  Each year on Thanksgiving Day, there are three NFL games.  One particular LHS student loves to kick back and watch these games.

“My favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving is watch football.  I grab a plateful of food and then go to the living room to watch the games.” Said junior Corbin Daisley.

Many people have Thanksgiving with their extended families.  Catching up with family is always a fun thing to do during the holidays.

“I usually just go to my dad’s side of the family.  We have a large family gathering.  We just hang out and talk.  The chicken and noodles are very good.” Said junior Michael Strode.

Traveling is also a very common Thanksgiving Day tradition.  Many people travel to see family on Thanksgiving Day or the following weekend.

“We go to my aunt’s house in Ohio.  My mom takes some food and my aunt makes food too.  It is sort of a pitch-in.  The food is great and I love talking to my aunt.” Said junior Chloe Maciel.

Overall, there were many different Thanksgiving traditions from the students here at LHS.  Traveling, eating, and football were the most common traditions.  Thanksgiving is a holiday that allows many to catch up with family and friends.  What’s your Thanksgiving Day tradition?