Hitting the Mats


Cami Deakins (Senior), Editor

In recent years, girls wrestling has become more and more popular across the America in schools. At Lebanon, boys wrestling is a popular sport, but until three years ago, girls wrestling was nowhere to be found. LHS alumni Alexis Bernal was the first girl to wrestle in the Lebanon program, forced to wrestle boys because of the lack of girls. Three years ago, the school recognized girls wrestling as a school sport and they were able to form a team.

“Being able to join a sport that I know I’m good at feels amazing. I love to wrestle and I feel like I belong on the team that I have behind me. It makes everything worth it,” said junior Grace-Ann Merchant.

Last year, the girl’s wrestling program was able to take the title of State Champions. After accomplishing such an achievement, the wrestling program has gained more popularity and status in the Lebanon community.

“I joined the girls wrestling team my freshman year because I thought it would be a great thing for me and it was. Even though I got a concussion towards the end of the season, I was still able to support my team and be a part of the state champions. The environment surrounding the girls wrestling program is like no other sport at LHS,” said sophomore Gabby Deakins.

This year the program has many new wrestlers from all different grades with only one senior, Jazlyn Gramlin. Jazlyn has been in the wrestling program all four years of her high school career along with her sister who graduated last year, Emerson Wolfbrandt.

“Being the only senior is kind of strange because last year there were six seniors, but I’m definitely enjoying this season. I love this team and the coaching staff, I couldn’t ask for anything better,” said senior Jazlyn Gramlin.