Finals are Back: Here’s How to Study

Finals are Back: Here’s How to Study

Cami Deakins (Senior), Editor

When the pandemic hit in 2020, the decision was made by superintendent, Dr. Milleman, to forgo finals at the end of the semester. After the strangest year and a half that most of us have ever experienced, there have not been finals since. Freshmen and sophomores have no idea what to expect when it comes to a high school final, while upperclassmen have taken them before.

“It sucks that the freshmen are getting help even though the sophomores have never taken finals either. I don’t know what to expect or how to study to do well,” said sophomore Montgomery Tschohl.

Finals this year are taking different forms than just a test. For example, Mr. Joris’ introduction to business classes are doing a project and an exam, splitting the finals grade. Mr. Howe is giving two project options for his government students to choose which they prefer. Mrs. Kazmierczak is having her class present their research papers for their final. Every teacher gives their final differently, so it is best to learn what is expected for the class, and what score you must earn on your final to get your desired grade.

“I would tell underclassmen that studying for finals is very important. However, don’t wait until the night before since we have multiple in one day, it would be too much to try and cram into your brain,” said senior Addison Cupka.

Upperclassmen have given tips to underclassmen for finals this year. The top ones are:

  1. Don’t wait to study the night before
  2. Study for your most important finals first
  3. Study in unique ways so you will remember the material better, like music
  4. Do all the worksheets and study things your teachers give you
  5. Recognize most of the time the final will be like the study guide
  6. Try to get a good night’s sleep before
  7. Eat a good breakfast in the morning
  8. Relax, they’re not as bad as you think