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May 17, 2024
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Pops Concert Recap
May 9, 2024
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Opinions Circulate around New School Changes

Empty halls of LHS.

This year we’ve seen some changes in the school. Three of the biggest have been not being able to sign out during homeroom without a pass, not being able to go to our cars at all, and needing passes to get anywhere in the school during classes. Many students have expressed their concerns already, but even with the first quarter down there’s still a lot of unpleasant feelings about these changes.


“I can never go to my teachers during homeroom to get help or figure out what I need,” said student Brayden Beckham.


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Beckham was referring to the new rule in homeroom where we can no longer sign out in homeroom without a pass. The rule was made to stop kids from being in the hall during homeroom, but it’s taken away our opportunity to go get homework help. The new pass system is in place, but as some teachers and students have stated, it is very flawed because you’re not going to know if you will need homework help a day or two in advance before even starting your homework.


“They probably make administrations job easier, but it makes my life a whole lot more difficult,” said student Tate DeLaRosa.


DeLaRosa was responding to a question about how he feels overall about all the new rule changes. The new rule changes have taken away lots of convenience from the students, while saving the school staff their convenience. Maybe you could call these rule changes acts of selfishness from the staff in charge of the changes?


Most of the student body feels opposed to the changes, while the staff members have opposite and positive opinions about those changes. Whether any changes will happen to the new rules or not, there’s certainly some unhappiness because of them.


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