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March 15, 2024
Sat Recap
Sat Recap
March 15, 2024

LHS’s New Gym Teacher, Mr. Johnson


At the start of 2nd semester, we welcomed our new P.E. teacher, Mr. Johnson, to Lebanon High School. Since he was raised in Lebanon, Mr. Johnson talked about how he wanted to come back and be part of the community once again. 


Johnson said, “I grew up here and I saw it as a great opportunity to get back into the town and community again.” 


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Mr. Johnson talked about how his dad inspired him to be a teacher; he had his father as a teacher  in high school, and he says it sort of gave him the idea to be a teacher. While his dad wasn’t a gym teacher, Johnson knew that was exactly what he wanted to pursue – and he says that he’s glad he did. 


Johnson said, “P.E. was always my favorite class growing up and I knew that’s what I wanted to teach” 


Mr. Johnson wasn’t even sure of what he wanted to do until last year. Before coming back to Lebanon, he worked an office job. He said that he’s always wanted to be a teacher or a coach, but he couldn’t find any good opportunities.


“I realized it would be a pretty easy process for me to go back to school and get my education license since I love education. I also love P.E., so I think it was a perfect fit,” Johnson said.


Mr. Johnson said that he is loving Lebanon High School so far and feeling very welcomed by the staff and students. He says he’s having a great time, and his main goal is to get back into and involved with the community. 


Johnson says, “Oh, I’m lovin’ it. I’m having a great time and the kids are great. I’m having a good time in all my classes and looking forward to the future.,” 

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