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Teacher Send-Offs
May 17, 2024
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May 9, 2024
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April 25, 2024

Teacher Send-Offs

Thank you to these seven teachers who have given their time to making LHS a great school!

With another year of school being down, that means we sadly have to say goodbye to another round of teachers. This year seven of LHS’s teachers are leaving to pursue other careers or to enjoy retirement.

The first of seven leaving is Mrs. O’Brien. She’s taught English as a new language and special needs at LHS. Teaching kids English who previously don’t know how to speak it is a very tough challenge, but she’s helped those kids develop communication skills for many years now. Without her help, many students would be left with poor communication skills. Thank you, Mrs. O’Brien.

The second of the seven is Mrs. Klooz-Pitcher. She has taught special needs while at Lebanon. Similar to Mrs. O’Brien, she had a challenge teaching her students because they have disabilities. This hasn’t stopped her from trying her best and providing her kids with the best education and opportunities. Thank you, Mrs. Klooz-Pitcher.

The third is Mr. Woody. Mr. Woody has taught trades during his time at Lebanon. He’s helped educate the people that will build and repair out infrastructure in the future. It’s very important those people get good education and we’re glad to have Mr. Woody to supply that for them. Thank you, Mr. Woody.

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The next of the seven is Mr. Stippich. He’s taught science at LHS over the past few years. Many students have described him as one of the funniest and friendly teachers. He’s helped many students become the best they can be, while having fun in the classroom at the same time. The balance of education and fun is important and Mr. Stippich got it down perfectly. Thank you, Mr. Stippich.

Mr. Kessler is the fifth in the group. During his time at Lebanon, he has been the band teacher. Whether you were in jazz, woodwinds, brass, percussion, or whatever, he’s been there to teach you and make you a better musician. On top of that, he taught music history which helps students know and understand the importance of the music they’ve heard throughout their lives. Thank you, Mr. Kessler.

Mrs. McNutt is the sixth teacher moving on. She’s been the school’s nurse during her time at LHS. Her support for students and staff has been incredible throughout her years she’s worked here. No matter what you may have been dealing with: an injury, feeling real sick, or just having a bad day, she’s been there for you. Thank you, Mrs. McNutt.

Last but not least, Mrs. Lee will be departing from LHS. She’s an Agriculture teacher here at LHS and has built a strong relationship with many through the program. Because agriculture has many pathway courses in it, many students have had her multiple times and built positive relations with her. Thank you, Mrs. Lee.

All of Lebanon will miss these six, and we wish them the best in their futures!

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