Sleep for Teenagers

Carmen Gallman, Reporter

Are students getting enough sleep? How much sleep should the average teenager be getting? If you are concerned about your sleep habits, look no further.

How much are students sleeping? “I’m getting a solid 7 for sure,” said sophomore Aroni Hernandez.

When asked about his sleeping habits senior Logan Wagner said “6-7 hours”.

So how much should we be sleeping? And how does sleep affect the way we live? I interviewed Coach Rodgers to find out why sleep is so important.

“No definitely not,” said Coach Rodegers when he was asked if he thought that students were getting enough sleep. “There’s several reasons why people have bad habits, anxiety, and distractions like having your phone out too late. The blue light stimulates your eyes and brain and makes it harder to fall asleep.”

“Sleep is the best form of recovery. When you’re not sleeping you aren’t at your best.” Coach Rodgers said. “Teenagers should be getting 8 – 10 hours and if you aren’t then it can affect you cognitively and physically and it affects growth.”

Now that we know how important sleep is Coach Rodgers has some tips for how to get more sleep.

“Track your sleep and make a goal to hit every night. Put the phone down 30 minutes before bed and try another activity. For me I like stretching or sudoku.” Coach Rodgers said. You can also use white noise sound machines or even apps you can download.”

“It’s all about forming good habits.” Coach Rodgers says.