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March 15, 2024
Sat Recap
Sat Recap
March 15, 2024

Welcome to LHS, Mr. Meyer!


Mr. Frank Meyer, the new principal at LHS says that he feels very welcomed by the LHS students and staff. Before becoming a principal, he worked as an English teacher at Avon Middle School for 12 years and did not enjoy teaching younger kids. 

Meyer said, “Being a teacher is demanding, I felt like I was being controlled by the clock.”.

He transferred from Avon High School to Tecumseh Junior High as the head principal for a year and felt like Techumseh was a different environment/culture for him. When he heard about the offer at Lebanon High School, he decided to speak to Dr. Jon Milleman, LCSC’s Superintendent, about being the principal at LHS. Meyer felt like being around high school students would be easier, he also knew a few people from LHS. 

Meyer said, “Lebanon is a good place, I really think I’ll like it.”

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For Meyer, high school was something he thought would be more comforting and his type of environment. When he first entered the building, he felt welcomed in a way and noticed how clean and bright LHS was. 

Meyer thinks that, “The walls are a little stark, need to jazz them up”

When Meyer came to LHS, he closed the Homerooms for the time being due to the amount of kids that were on the MIA list. He understands the concern about Homeroom being closed currently. 

He said, “Most kids do the right thing, but the ones that don’t… Let’s just say, the sins of the few affect the masses.”

Meyer talks about the idea of lengthening the duration of Homeroom in hopes that students, who are getting help from teachers, have the ability to receive help in multiple different classes. It would provide an additional study hall. 

“I plan to get homeroom to last 45 to 50 minutes, instead of 25 minutes.”

Meyer also has plans to add a string orchestra as a class or program. Both of his kids were in an orchestra at Avon High School for all four years. 

Mr. Meyer said “It would need a lot of conversations” 

Overall Meyer has a lot of plans for Lebanon High School, including homeroom changes, possible dress code changes, adding new programs, and planning to stay at LHS for the long run.

“I want students to have an academic experience, it’ll prepare them for future plans.”

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