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May 17, 2024
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Pops Concert Recap
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Birthdays on Holidays!

How do people celebrate their birthday and a holiday on the same day? We asked people with a holiday birthday from LHS to share what they do on their birthday.

Junior Addison Leucht celebrated his birthday on Thanksgiving. He said that he and his family have a big party with everyone there, but that there is more attention on the Thanksgiving holiday rather than his birthday.

“It doesn’t bother me, I’m not a people person,” said Addison. 

He also talked about how there is no birthday cake, just Thanksgiving meals (which he’s okay with).

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Keegan Stuart, a sophomore at LHS, said that he feels like there is more attention on his birthday than on Thanksgiving. 

Keegan said, “I just hang out with my family and get presents.”

Keegan does get presents on Thanksgiving day, and he gets to celebrate both holidays with his family.

Amora Snowden, a sophomore, also celebrates her birthday on Thanksgiving. She enjoys her birthday cake and spending time with her family for the holidays. 

She said, “I felt wonderful. Like no school, yay!” 

Amora enjoys spending both holidays together, along with time off school.


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