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Teacher’s Funniest Moments!

Teachers at LHS Share Their Funniest Stories

Mrs. Vargo, a math teacher at LHS, pulled a prank on one of her students this year that she will never forget. While one of her students went to the restroom during class, Mrs. Vargo felt as though she was taking a long time. She decided to turn off the lights, lock the door, and have the whole class hide from her.

“We thought she would just come and knock on the door and be confused. But she didn’t knock on the door,” said Vargo.

The student went downstairs and almost went outside looking for the class; everybody in the classroom was texting her trying to figure out where she went. It took about 15 minutes for the student to return because she was looking for them all over the school. When she finally returned to class, she wasn’t too happy.

“It wasn’t all that funny anymore because she was kind of mad about it, but we all learned to always knock on the door, but also that teachers probably shouldn’t hide from their students.”

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Vargo said that as time passed, the student also found the prank funny.

Foreign language teacher, Profe Decker, says the one story that sticks out to her happened 5-6 years ago when, at the time, her back was not in good condition.

Decker says, “I had a Spanish 1 class, so they didn’t know me yet”

Decker was sitting at her desk while the students were doing the bell ringer, and she was reaching down trying to plug her computer in. She was leaning back because her back was hurting.

“I was very awkward, and my whole chair flipped on its side. I fell on the floor and my students didn’t say a word”, Decker said.

Profe Decker says that 2 months later, she had brought the moment up and they all laughed about it at the end.
Mr. Stippich, science teacher, says that a story that still makes him laugh happened when he was teaching at Tri West Middle School. There was a student who took a broken down cardboard box and sled down the stairs, right in front of all the administrators.

“It was hilarious and I thought it was funny – but he did get suspended, which makes it even funnier,” Stippich said.

Mrs. Trafford, one of the LHS art teachers, shares a story that happened in her first quarter of this year. Trafford was standing near her sink, minding her own business until one of her students came into her room and scared her.

“He came into my room and went “Oh hey!” and it scared the ever living daylights out of me, so much that I screamed and fell to the floor”, Trafford says.

Trafford says that her and the student started to laugh for 10 minutes and her student helped her up like a gentleman.

“I was so sad that there were no cameras in the room to record all of the epicness that transpired.”

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