Carmen Gallman, Reporter

With the quarter coming to a close and the new nine weeks starting, students are feeling more tired than ever. So how can we deal with burnout? And what is making people so tired? 

When asked about feeling burnt out, freshmen Sova Boubarri said “Yes, algebra definitely is making me the most burnt out.” 

But not everyone seems to be feeling it yet.”I’m not feeling burnt out now but I think I will in between fall break and Christmas.” 

So why are we all so tired? Sources say that it comes from overall buildup of stress without having time to recharge or to relax. 

Mr. O’Rourke says “everybody has times when they are energized and when they are not and that’s when the successful people really grind”, when he was asked if he had any tips for students dealing with burnout. 

“Successful people push through the lack of motivation to get their work done,” Mr. O’Rourke said.