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May 17, 2024
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Ms. Norman Has Arrived!


All students hate homework, everyone knows that. But did you know that there’s a new teacher that relates to your hatred? Miss Samantha Norman is a 22-year-old, freshly graduated from Ball State, who has always had the dream of becoming a teacher so she can help people. Norman has always been filled with energy and disliked the idea of having a desk job. 

“I was always a weird, old soul in elementary. My personality only developed due to middle school.” Norman said.

Growing up, Norman had trouble coming to a final decision on what grade she would like to teach. After college, she thought she had decided on either 6th grade or seniors, but her peers and professors suggested that her personality would best fit middle school students. Although, while student teaching at Tri Junior-Senior High School, she loved the freshmen and knew she wanted to teach in high school. 

Norman said, “People always asked me if I was sure I wanted to become a teacher. I always replied with ‘Yes! That sounds like so much fun!’” 

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When going to college she contemplated not becoming a teacher. She had considered going to trade school or college for her CNA / RNA. 

“College isn’t for everyone,” Norman said.

Norman is excited to be here at LHS! She is currently teaching speech and English 10. Norman likes being around kids, and she thinks the students at LHS are better behaved than those from previous schools she’s taught at. She loves the English department she’s become a part of and described the other teachers as amazing. 

Norman says, “I eat lunch with other English teachers, we always talk about our students.”

Norman’s advice for any seniors wanting to attend college is to join a club similar to your major so you can become friends with people you will have classes with. She also says to join something you’d never see yourself doing, for example, she joined pep club and ended up loving it! She also has some overall advice for those who might need it.

“Try your best, even if your best is getting out of bed and making it to the couch,” Norman said.

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