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May 17, 2024
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Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Mr. Bryan Sobczak!


Did you know that there’s a brand-new teacher here at LHS that is close to our generation? Well, there is. Mr. Bryan Sobczak (born in 01, making him part of Gen Z) is one of our brand-new teachers joining the LHS Staff team.

“I was originally interviewed by Mr. O’Rourke, and I got the feeling I would love this school. I also got the chance to meet Mr. Adkins and Mrs. Morelock, and I absolutely loved them.” said Sobczak.

Sobczak grew up in Crown Point, Indiana and went to Merrillville High School. He was a student teacher at both Pike High School and Zionsville West Middle School. Zionsville West and Pike are both bigger schools compared to Lebanon. Pike High School had over 3,000 students while Sobczak was there, meanwhile Lebanon has about 1,000 students.

“The social aspect here is better, in my opinion. It’s easier to meet the kids due to the size difference than previous schools I’ve taught at, it also helps that I’m part of your guys’ generation. I believe I align with Gen Z but hate the fact, haha.” He said, “there’s a sense of familiarity here, it’s like everyone knows everyone. It’s a growing community.”

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Sobczak joined our math department and is teaching Algebra I and II, and it seems he has a way of grabbing people’s attention while teaching.

“He seems more engaged with us, and I think it’s because he’s closer to our generation. He tries to make lessons more entertaining and it works, at least for me.” Freshmen, Serenity Lucas said.

Sobczak grew up planning to be a Music ED, but found that to be more of a hobby than anything else.

“You use math in the real world more than any other subject. You’re not asked to recite the Constitution every day, but you do have to use basic algebra almost everywhere. In my mind, math is its own language.” Sobczak said.

Considering Sobczak just graduated from Butler, he’s offered some advice for our 2024 Senior Class.

“Organization is the key to success, and I mean that. You have to stay on top of things. Also, do not start off being fake. If you’re fake in college, you will not find true friends. Truly, just be yourself. Balance is not something you find. It’s something you create.” Sobczak said.


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