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May 17, 2024
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Advice Given by LHS Teachers!

Experienced teachers at LHS share what advice they’d give to the newer teachers at LHS and how to handle tough days in school.


Science teacher, Mr. Stippich advises teachers to make sure you’re consistent with rules and procedures, and make sure to be real and honest with students. Stippich thinks that taking a step back and evaluating what’s going on in a rough situation could make things less complicated as a teacher. Check-in and talk about things that aren’t a teaching base and get to know me, offer advice on how to handle situations, Mr. Stippich says. 

“Try to enjoy the process, enjoy all the little things that happen in class.”

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Mr. Debard, one of our history teachers at LHS, says as a new teacher, maximizing the work that you can do inside the classroom with students, doing everything you can with intention, and building your course and content will continue to improve each year. Debard discusses how things are going to get complicated, working with people is hard because people are different, and try to be the best you can be each day.

“If you’re doing your best every day to build connections with students, you’re winning.”

“Be kind to yourself even if there are things you need to improve upon.”


Business teacher Mr. Joris shares that remembering students is always first and to craft your lessons with the idea of whatever will make the process fun but engaging in a learning experience. Joris says, that when things get tough, remember that it is not life or death, you are here to build relationships with students in the best ways possible.

“No matter what happens complication-wise, you can always find the positives.”


Former English teacher, Principle Meyer, advises that not doing too much as a new teacher and building strong relationships with students is a good way to start teaching. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them, says Meyer. Meyer shares that, if you are in a tough situation, going to another teacher nearby, asking questions about the situation, and being patient with yourself could be the solution to any problems. 

“Teaching is hard, students need to be more patient with their teachers.”


Mrs. Dennis, child development/internship director, and also 1st year teacher at LHS says that when she first got to LHS, she asked a lot of questions. She thinks that one way to learn as a teacher is to ask the people around you questions. It is important to know that it’s going to be hard but the longer you keep a teaching routine the easier it will get.

“It’s important to be patient.”

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