Labor Day Plans

Carmen Gallman (Junior), Reporter

Labor Day weekend is right around the corner and the LHS community is ready to relax! With so many different activities going on we can’t wait for a break.

Most students are working, sleeping or just relaxing at home. When asked sophomore Adriana Smith said “I’m going to the cabin with my family.”

Other students are spending time with family and friends. Many people are taking this long weekend to enjoy the great outdoors. Sophomore Jack Ferrell said, “Going to a cabin in Waynesville”.

“I’m going to be doing some camping and boating,” said Mrs. McNutt after being asked what her plans were for Labor Day weekend. When Mr. Wright was asked about Labor day weekend and he said that he was officiating a wedding. “Yeah it’s actually my best friend’s wedding,” he said.

Mr. Reynolds also has some fun plans for Labor day. When asked he said “Oh I’m going to an IU football game”.

 All in all, we are excited for labor day!