Charli Frazier (Junior), Reporter

With the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, so too comes the beginning of the end for COVID 19. Honestly, it refreshing! This year’s students and teachers and faculty are starting off the year like they normally would before 2020.

But now that everyone is getting settled back into a normal year, and the incoming freshmen are being introduced to the world of high school. It can make you think: How do the COVID Classes compare their time as freshmen? Each year was totally different!

First off, this year’s seniors! The class of 2023 were freshmen during the 2019-2020 school year, and were the first freshmen directly affected by the pandemic. What was supposed to a normal spring break with an extra 2 weeks off, quickly spiraled into a world-wide crisis. Senior Asepn Kernodle said “I was actually really excited because thought that we needed a longer break…”

After the 3 weeks were over, however, school would not resume normally. On March 24th, 2020, Governor Eric J. Holcomb signed an executive order, putting in place the ensuing quarantine. Lebanon high school did not reopen until the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, forcing the class of 2023 to spend the rest of their freshman year at home. But lessons did not go un-learned.

“I learned to be a lot more considerate,” said Kernodle, when asked what lessons they learned their freshmen year.

Then came the new freshmen, the class of 2024. The 2020-2021 school year was like none before. Because of the increase of COVID cases, Lebanon implemented “Hybrid Learning.” Junior Sophia Bramblett said “I hated doing hybrid so much. It was so awful.”

For the year, half the student body would do school in-person, while the other half did class through zoom. The in-person students were also required to wear masks all day.

“It was just all so weird.” said Bramblett.

When the class of 2025 arrived, things were beginning to cool down. There were still mask mandates, but hybrid learning had since been booted. Sophomore Taryn Doyle said about his freshmen year “It didn’t really have an effect, but having to walk up the stairs was a bit hard.”

The mask mandate was back and forth, and lasted until the end of the school year.

 “I know it’s stupid, but actually study.” Doyle said, when asked about what advice he had for fellow students.