Eight-year-old Soda

Megan Poppe, Reporter

Have you ever thought about keeping a 2-liter of soda for eight years? Neither have I. Mr. Gee, on the other hand, has. Mr. Gee, in his office, has an eight-year-old 2-liter of “Ruby Red” Squirt soda.

“It was a gift; after Mr. Conrad had talked to me about our shared love for Squirt soda,” Mr. Gee stated.

Now, there is a reasonable explanation to this– Mr. Conrad gifted Mr. Gee this after they had conversed about their love for Squirt soda and had planned to share it together but both were unable due to work and their schedules. Mr. Conrad left LHS the year COVID hit (2019-2020) and went to take-over for Mrs. Springer at LMS.

“One day he came up to me and asked if I had ever tried the “Ruby Red” flavor. When I answered no, he came to me with the 2-liter the next, or a few, days later,” Mr. Gee said.

Mr. Gee was unsure of the exact year he was given the soda, but the date on the bottle read 12/22. He guesses the year was around 2014, making the soda around eight years old.

When told about this, some kids were quite speechless. Summer Richardson, a junior, said, “I feel uneasy and uncomfortable. I just want to know why he kept it?” while Jade Fearrin, a senior, also agreed and said, “Uncomfortable,” when asked about any thoughts she had on this situation.

Some teachers also threw in some input. Mr. Ferrell was left speechless and when told about it, sat there before saying, “Well that was a curveball…” and sighed, while Mr. Smock suggested, “I think they’ll have a great bonding moment together if they ever do get together to drink it.”

Soda tends to expand once it starts to go bad due to the gas/pressure built up in the 2-liter, but the 2-liter here has started to deflate rather than inflate. Soda is also not perishable when unopened, and the 2-liter has never been opened. Either way, one question will remain unknown. Is the soda still good?