Safety First

Carmen Gallman, Reporter

We all want to feel safe while out and about, but how do we do that? Being safe when you are alone is important and we are here with Officer Kevin to give you all the answers to your safety questions. 

“The biggest thing is just paying attention when you’re driving and not just looking at your phone, scrolling on Tik Tok.”, said Kevin when he was asked about how teen drivers can stay safe on the roads.

One of the main problems today is students not taking safety as seriously as it should be.

 “A lot of people are overconfident as well and aren’t paying attention, ” Kevin added. 

Another issue facing teens is knowing how to protect ourselves. Don’t fear though! Officer Kevin has some self defense tips to help you. “Be aware of your surroundings and what is going on with people around you.” 

 When asked about how students can better protect themselves, he said “You can keep your keys between your knuckles and that can be used as a weapon.” 

“And also just look at your habits and make sure you’re paying attention and staying safe,” Officer Kevin said.