One of LHS’s is Indianas Top 10 Teacher of the Year


Eli Bridges (Junior), Reporter

One of our high school’s Social Studies teacher, Mr. Josh DeBard, didn’t dream of growing up to become a teacher… he wasn’t sure what he was going to do with his career, today he is being recognized as one of Indiana’s best teachers.


After being chosen by his LHS peers, then as the top teacher in LCSC, DeBard has moved on as a Top 10 finalist for Indiana’s Teacher of the Year award.


Back in April when DeBard was chosen as a Candidate for this award at just a corporation-wide level he said, “I am honored, but I don’t like all the attention, I’m not sure if I want to win it.” He was even doubting if he was good enough to win the original award.


But now he is all about it.


Especially recently when the Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay retweeted @Lebanon_Schools’s post on twitter that was congratulating Mr. DeBard on his Top 10 position. Irsay’s retweet said “Congrats to this man. Making an impact on our kids! 💪🙌” In the moments after Mr. DeBard found out about Irsay’s retweet you could hear him jokingly saying things like “Hey man did you know Jim Irsay and I are good buddies?” with a grin on his face, ear to ear, and his signature bald head turning beat red.


Something his students appreciate is that he builds relationships with every one and those relationships mean something to him. He is genuine in his words and strives to meet each and every student’s needs.


Nabih Soumah said, “He has helped me as a student-athlete. Whenever I have needed a ride home from practice, he has been able to take me. Also, he and I have had some great conversations on a personal level. I really appreciate him as man-to-man.”


Finalist for Indiana’s Teacher of the Year will be announced in October.