New Policy Change effects Kids Who Drive


Eli Bridges (Junior), Reporter

Recently here at Lebanon High School, Assistant Principal Mr. William Gee sent out a message via StudentSquare that said “Students, there will no longer be sign-outs to cars during the school day. If you have forgotten something that you need for school in your vehicle, you can make arrangements in the front office to be escorted to your car to retrieve the item(s).”


And why is this exactly?


Rumors around the school have been linked to the new vape detectors that were activated after fall break. Some kids stating “they (admin) caught a kid going to their car to vape.” or “it’s the feins fault.”


But when I asked Mr. Gee why we have a new policy like this, he did not confirm or deny rumors. He said “I see it in the best interest for everyone and school safety that this change was made.”


Mr. Gee also said “I don’t want to speculate, because there wasn’t a specific incident. But, I think we know what is happening in the cars… since we installed them (the vape detectors), the number of kids signing out to cars has doubled-to-tripled.”


So, in the end we were able to confirm that this change was not made due to a specific situation, but it was made due to the concern for everyone and school safety.”

What you just read was a policy change that happened in February of 2023, but recently in the start of the 2023-2024 school year… the new LHS principal Frank Meyer and office staff decided to make an adjustment. There will be ABSOLUTELY no going to your car if you forgot stuff in your car. Just keep this in mind!! 🙂