What Weather Calls for Delays/Cancellations?


Dr. Jon Milleman (Found on Facebook @ Lebanon Community School Corporation)

Eli Bridges (Junior), Reporter

With the weather getting colder, typically calling for weather delays and/or cancellations (E-Learn), we decided to speak with LHS students and ask them if they would prefer a delay or a cancellation. I asked 30 kids in the school population if they would rather a cancellation or delay and 22/30 kids (73%) said delay.

“I would rather a delay because I’d get to sleep in, but then I would get to come to school and hang out with friends for the rest of the day. I also don’t really like doing E-learning” said Junior Caleb McClaine.

And most of the 30 kids that were asked said the same thing-ish. The kids would much rather get to sleep in and then come into the building. Compared to having to get up at the same time and login to online classes.

So, I decided to speak with Lebanon’s’ Superintendent Dr. Jon Milleman on what decides a delay and/or cancellation. According to our school corporations page, Dr. Milleman came into Lebanon Community School Corporation (LCSC) in 2019. LinkedIn, a site and app used for professional networking, says prior to LCSC Dr. Milleman served as the Assistant Superintendent of Metropolitan School District (MSD) for 8 years and 1 month. In my interview with Dr. Milleman, he often directed me to the transportation portion of the LCSC website. But there was something that stuck out.

“I set my alarm for 4:45(am), then start looking out the window” said Dr. Milleman.

This is a man who is committed to his job and cares about the safety of the students. Dr. Milleman and superintendents from around the county (Western Boone County Community School Corporation and Zionsville Community School Corporation) wake-up early and they themselves go out and tour their separate assigned parts of the town to decide if they think it is safe for students to be able to come to school and/or we need a delay to let the crews make the roads safe.