Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Dax Frost


Sophomore Dax Frost

Eli Bridges (Junior), Reporter

For this week’s 15 minutes of fame, we have Daniel “Dax” Frost. Dax is a sophomore at Lebanon High School. In the next couple of years, he has to decide what he wants to do with his life, but right now Dax wants to do something sports related. Whether that be playing in college or doing some kind of commentary gig. Dax also works at the park pool in the summer.

“I like playing football because it gives me a name for myself, I am able to show who I am,” said Frost.

Frost is part of the Football Team and involved in some other out of school activities. Dax plays wide receiver and safety for the Tigers. If he had to choose one side of the ball (offense or defense) he would choose offense. This is because he likes to puts points up on the board. Frost has even helped out our youth program with getting kids up to speed with the game. Frost said he does this because he finds joy in helping out the youth.

“I want to help the program as a whole; be part of helping Lebanon Football win a state title in the future,” said Frost.

Frost doesn’t only want to help the football team; he wants to help the community. In the summer at the park pool, Dax works as a lifeguard helping to make sure kids can stay safe while playing. While Frost has worked as a lifeguard, he has yet to have to save anyone; let’s hope it stays this way.

“I have a big family; myself, 5 siblings, and then obviously my mom and dad. 8 people in the house is a lot. But it is what I have grown up around so it isn’t different and/or weird,” said Frost.

Frost has 5 siblings; One older brother and sister and the three other siblings are little brothers.