Scheduling for Next Year

Carmen Gallman (Junior), Reporter

Scheduling for the 2023-2024 school year is coming up and the guidance counselors have some advice when it comes to scheduling. So what should students be looking for when it comes to picking out classes for next year? 

“Well starting off they need to know what they need to take.” Guidance Counselor Mrs. Mineart says when asked what students need to be prepared for next year. There will be class meetings the Friday before for each class to discuss opportunities for the following year. 

“More opportunities open up as you get into the older grades like junior and senior year” Minart says. “CNA programs, trades, stuff like that.” This Wednesday there will be an open house for students to be informed about new opportunities. 

When asked about tips about the scheduling process Mineart says that there are also many opportunities for scholarships and financial aid available. 

Counselors are also available this Wednesday from 5 – 7 in the community rooms for further questions. Resources like the LHS course description guide are also available for students to see what is offered.  

Representatives from several scholarship organizations such as Community Foundation of Boone County, INVestEd, and the Lebanon Educational Foundation will also be at the event Wednesday night to answer questions and to assist students.