Seniors with Senioritis

Seniors with Senioritis

Eli Bridges (Junior), Reporter

Senioritis is defined as a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school (or college) characterized by a decline in motivation or performance. And senioritis is a real thing here at LHS. Senioritis can be chalked up as absences from school, poor work output, and low-performance.

Senior Gavin Haines has identified himself as someone who is affected by senioritis. Haines has already tallied up 4 absences in the second semester alone, that is just two months of school.

I asked Haines why he feels he is affected by senioritis, he said “It is challenging because you are preparing for a new chapter in your life that is exciting and you’re looking forward to it.”

Some things you can do to try and counteract senioritis is:

  • Enter some kind of scholarship contest
  • Take on one last project in an extracurricular activity
  • Find some healthy habits to fill your time
  • Work together and try to only do assignments with classmates
  • Remain Optimistic

Wyatt Boyett said “Have a routine, do your work right when you get home. You’ll do the same thing every day and just be productive.”

I am a Junior, but my routine is:

  • Wake up and get ready at 7:15
  • Arrive at School at 7:45
  • School from at 7:55-2:45
  • Football/Track at 2:45-5:00
  • Homework/Shower/Get Ready for bed/ Dinner through the rest of the night

What is your daily routine?