See Something, Say Something


Charli Frazier, Reporter

Tip411, otherwise known as the Tipline, is an anonymous communication tool for staff and students to speak up without having to give away their identity. I reached out to Chief of the Lebanon School Police, Steve Smith, to discuss what the Tipline is and how is works.

When asked to explain what the Tipline is, Chief smith said, “Tip411 School Edition enables students to send anonymous tips to Administrators, School Resource Officers (SROs), and other authorized personnel who can respond to the tips in real time from any internet connected device, creating a two-way anonymous chat. It provides a “safe space” for students to communicate with authority figures through two-way anonymous communications that facilitate dialogue, leading to more accurate information.”

The Tipline, Chief Smith would go onto explain, has been used to solve many situations. Whether it be bullying, concerning or reckless behavior, or even just mental health crises, the Tipline has provided a place for students to say what they need to say without fear of unwarranted consequences. “There have been situations reported where someone was in need of help either with mental health or as a victim and these situations were given proper resources to help!”

Though, like any good thing, it has its drawbacks…

“There have been a few tips that were submitted to attempt to get someone in trouble or to annoy/ harass another,” said Chief Smith. “False Informing in such cases in actually a crime and charges can be brought.”

But what does it feel like to actually report to the Tipline? I talked to one student, Aydenn Smith (no relation to Chief Smith), who spoke on their experience using it. “I’ve tiplined at least 3 people,” said Aydenn. “When I use it, it’s either because someone is trying to crash into me in the parking lot, or there’s bullying.”

“It felt good.”