Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Mark Stebbins


Megan Poppe (Junior), Reporter

Beau Burgin claims to be the biggest sports fan here at LHS; but he might have some major competition from Mark Stebbins, a freshman here at LHS. 

“I love to play sports, especially Football, baseball and basketball.” Mark said, talking about what sports he does. He doesn’t play for the school, but that doesn’t stop him from playing outside of school. 

Mark is a special needs student here at LHS, and his favorite class is math, taught by Mrs. Klooz. He’s enjoyed his time here at LHS so far, and has made a few friends along the way. “Everyone is nice, but I haven’t made many friends.” He said. 

Mark loves the Dodgers (baseball), Seahawks (football), and Bucks (basketball). He also watched the superbowl and thought the Eagles would win, giving him a surprise when the Chiefs won instead.  “I really thought the Eagles would win, so it was a surprise when the Chiefs won instead.” Mark said.

Like said before, he loves sports and he likes to play video games that incorporate this. One being Madden. “I don’t play many video games, but I do enjoy playing Madden. It’s my favorite.” He mentioned.