LHSs’ DECA State Results


Eli Bridges (Junior), Reporter

LHSs’ DECA program traveled to Indianapolis to participate in DECA state. The competition was held inside the staterooms of the Marriot Hotel. We had 26 students of LHS travel to DECA state and 8 scored high enough to move on to internationals. The 8 students that earned the honor of moving onto internationals are Audrey Patterson, Avery Blount, Emma Hornbecker, Amelia Schoeff, Ava Lehmkuhler, Alex Emenhiser, Monte Tschohl, and Emma Waskom. Unfortunately, three of these 8 students won’t be traveling to Internationals. Our prom is on April 22nd and the DECA students leave on April 22nd. Alex Emenhiser, Emma Hornbecker and Amelia Schoeff won’t travel with DECA.

Emma Hornbecker and Amelia Schoeff placed 1st as a team in “Buying and Merchandising Team Decision Making.”

Audrey Patterson and Avery Blount placed 4th as a team in “Travel and Tourism Marketing Team Decision Making.”

Alex Emenhiser placed 2nd as an individual in “Marketing Communication Series.”

Ava Lehmkuhler placed 3rd as an individual in “Hotel and Lodging Management Series.”

Monte Tschohl placed 2nd as an individual in “Retail Merchandising Series.”

Emma Waskom placed 4th as an individual in “Human Resources Management Series.”

All of the students that went to DECA state:

Drew Reeves, Taylor O’Brien, Sam Kyker, Tyler Meyer, Eugene Hauben, William Meyer, Cora Dial, Anna Robbins, Wyatt Boyett, Evan Wright, Ben Waskom, Brennan Cox, Emma Waskom, Emma Nienaber, Monte Tschohol, Max Campbell, Amelia Schoeff, Reid Nelson, Avery Blount, Audrey Patterson, Oliver Zheng, Eli Myers, Sam Kyker, Grant Krulik, Alex Emenhiser and Ava Lehmkuhler.