Lexi Britt new Director of Communications!

Lexi Britt new Director of Communications!

Carmen Gallman(junior), Reporter

Three weeks ago Lebanon High School gained a new public relations representative! Her name is Lexy Britt. 

Britt grew up in Lebanon and graduated from Lebanon High School. She has always loved the community. “Before working here I worked for the Boone county chamber and also the town of Whitestown so both of my jobs have been very community oriented.” Britt says. 

Britt went and graduated from the Herron School of design but considered going back for teaching due to her love for Lebanon High School and her experience there. “I wanted to give back in some way and obviously the stars have aligned and this has always kind of been my dream job, ao when it became available i just knew I had to go for it” Britt says 

So far her time with us has been good and she feels like she has already made an impact. When asked about what she loves about her job Britt says “My every day is different no day is the same which is kind of what I love the most.” Her favorite part is going out to the schools and seeing the kids to remember why we do the things we do. 

“I just really like being able to show people how great of a school corporation this really is.” Britt says. She really wants younger kids to realize how great the schools are and to want to grow up and build their lives here. “ I really don’t believe there’s a better place to live, work, play, all of the things, ” Britt says. 

Outside of her job Lexy Britt loves to spend time with her High School sweetheart, Jon. They recently got married in November. Britt also runs a photography business. “I think I’ll be stepping away from it, not entirely but definitely pulling back,” says Britt. Also in her spare time you can find her walking her Golden Retriever, Roo, around Lebanon Memorial Park. 

“I think my superpower is really showing people and giving LCSC a personality. That’s what I look forward to most is capturing those authentic moments that are happening in schools and breathing life into schools and creating magic,” Britt says.