Safety Threat

Safety Threat

Carmen Gallman, Reporter

On Friday, April 14, there was a threat to LCSC student safety. The message was written in Arabic and was saying that there was a bomb in one of the listed Indiana schools.

Officer Steve Smith at Lebanon Middle school says both him and Dr. Milliman have no new information surrounding the incident. “In essence we are a victim along with the 30 schools involved, but we have not been contacted by the state police or an investigator because it was such a large group,” said Smith. 

“Long story short, I probably don’t know more than you do, which is a little frustrating, ” Smith says. Officer Smith doesn’t anticipate getting another update.

“In the back of my mind when we’ve had them locally and we’ve been a target of a threat of any kind we’ve been very fortunate that we’ve been able to solve it and find out the source where it came from,” Smith said.

 The school has had good luck in the past with getting the cases solved but as of now there is no update. 

When asked about reaction in faculty and student throughout this process Smith said “We have to be more aware (being the people in the schools and city) of mental health status even for ourselves” 

“Communities in general are very supportive but very inquisitive but rightly so.” Smith said.