Extended Homerooms


Carmen Gallman, Reporter

These past couple of months Lebanon High School has offered an exciting opportunity to all students. During homeroom on Friday students have the choice to sign out of their homerooms and go to another teachers session.

 There are a variety of topics you can choose from including the basics of cooking, outdoor survival skills, and how to buy a car. 

Mr. Damm led a session this past Friday on how to buy a car. When asked about how he felt about extended homeroom opportunities he said “I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for students who want it and I wish more students took advantage of the opportunity. It’s good for students who want to explore a niche like sewing or buying a car.” 

Mrs. Shover has done a series about running and athletics.This week she has done off season training for athletes looking to keep their fitness up during the winter months. 

“I think that it’s a good idea but there’s just not enough options available and not enough students signing up for it” said Mrs. Shover after being asked about her opinions on the new extended homeroom.

“There kind of just needs to be more buy in on both ends.” Said Mrs. Shover