The Comedy Returns!


Madison Van Howe (Senior), Editor

As the next semester approaches, so does ComedySportz. ComedySportz is an improv corporation here in Indiana that is also offered at LHS with English teacher, Ms. Becker. Students have the opportunity to use their improv skills and play games against other teams for the audience’s enjoyment.

“Improv is so fun and lets me be myself,” Said junior, Mallory Kaylor, “I get to have fun with my friends while doing it and I love Ms. Becker.”

Auditions took place on October 18th, and rehearsals began shortly after on November 4th. To prepare for matches, the students practice running improv scenes with different scenarios, techniques, and characters.

“I was expecting the weird scenes to have less people excited, but they are so much fun to do with each other,” said freshman, Joseph Reinhardt.

Improv by definition means, “the art of acting out a skit without preparation.” Improv takes a lot of skill as you have to keep the scene running. In a match, the audience has the opportunity to interact with the team while the games are being played and get to have some control over the scenes.

“If you get a good audience to make a lot of suggestions, it makes it more fun and makes the whole experience so much better,” said junior, JoJo Morrison.

ComedySportz matches will begin sometime around February and go through May. The students will not only go against other schools, but also go against each other in home matches. They will then end their season with a final match of teachers vs. students. Make sure to check for when matches begin and come support the team as they create many laughs and timeless memories. Follow @msbeckerlhs on Instagram for updates!

“Improv isn’t something you’re good or bad at. Everyone can be good at improv,” said junior, Mallory Kaylor.