From Screen to Stage

Charli Frazier, Reporter

This year, Lebanon High School will be showcasing Grease for the fall musical. The cast is stacked with actors who are doing their best make this one of the greatest shows Lebanon has put on.

Rehearsals are currently in full swing. Choreography is becoming a high priority, as big numbers involve many of the actors and ensemble. Freshman Phoebe Morrison said, “Overall, everything’s gone like, very smoothly.” Phoebe is in ensemble, and had positive things to say about the group.

“The transitions are really good,” said Phoebe.

While choreography practice is the center of attention right now, vocal ability and lessons are still at the forefront of importance. Singing and dancing equal involves attention from both abilities, after all. In fact, freshman Autumn Hix said about vocals, “I take voice lessons, to be sure I’m all warmed up.” Another member of ensemble, Autumn recognizes the importance of the presence of the ensemble.

“I feel like the ensemble is pretty involved, like, they’re a big part of the show,’ said Autumn.

Character work is as well an important part of the show for some students. For senior Mallory Kaylor, who plays Marty, developing her character was something she took much joy in. “It’s a character I just don’t have to worry about. I can just act and have fun!”

When asked for any final comments, Mallory said, “Everyone should just come and see it, it’s just so awesome!”